Product Warranty

Fowl Dog stands behind the quality of its travel products. We’re so confident in the skill that goes into sewing our products that we’ll offer a one year guarantee for manufacturing kinks. If you need a product replaced follow our return instructions.

We can’t guarantee damaged caused by wear and tear. But all is not lost! Contact us anyway and we may be able to help arrange a repair. Once we receive the item we’ll assess the damage, and to the best of our ability, give you a repair quote.

To return a damaged item be sure to follow our return instructions. We’ll also need a note describing what the product flaw is, and how it happened.

Please note, Decal products are not part of this guarantee, as we cannot control proper application, use, and care. Weather plays a big factor in how long these decals last, so we suggest keeping your decal out of direct sunlight & salt as much as possible. If properly applied, your decal should last several years outdoors although we do not guarantee lifespan as it may vary based on weather, application and exposure.