Fowl Dog Products are made with plastic, PVC components and woven Fabrics - Animals can chew through these products and escape. Do not allow your pet to chew or dig while using these products.

The vinyl material used by Fowl Dog is CPSIA compliant.

WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.”

Fowl Dog products should only be used with the driver and/or adult passengers present and in conjunction with your vehicles proper cooling or heating systems. 

Fowl Dog does NOT condone animals being left in vehicles unattended. Even with the vehicle windows down, the interior temperature can change rapidly – leading to injury, illness and/or death of your pet.

If your dog is an active chewer and/or digger, we do NOT recommend using any of the Fowl Dog products. Please speak with your vet or animal care professional, to get recommendations as to how to safely transport and/or contain your pet using alternate methods.

The Fowl Dog Product line is not sold as a toy for humans or animals. This product line is meant for canine use only and should not be used to contain children, adults or any type of animals other than dogs.

 The Fowl Dog “Privacy Shield” is meant solely for the purposes of helping to contain your pet in the second or third row seats of your vehicle, separate from humans.

When installing the Fowl Dog products, please be sure to check driver visibility out of all windows and mirrors. Do NOT use the Fowl Dog products if they impair your ability to see out of any mirrors, windows or if they create a blind spot. Fowl Dog will not be held liable for any accidents, injury or death to either pets of humans due to improper instillation or negligent use of this product.

Care of Fowl Dog Products:

Do not use any harsh chemical cleaning products

Do not put item in the washer or dryer.

To clean – hand wash or gently rinse with cold water and/or by using a dish cloth. You can use a mild soap to help remove stains.

We suggest drying stitching with a cloth or towel to prevent thread decay.

Make sure the product has dried completely before storing or reinstalling.

Do not leave this product in the sun.

Manufacturer’s warranty

If the product breaks or material tears within the first year of purchase, Fowl Dog will repair that item – please mail the item to Fowl Dog along with a copy of your receipt. Fowl Dog will not repair damage caused by pets digging or chewing.

Fowl Dog suggests replacing each of these items after two years.