Fowl Dog Deluxe Cargo Liner

Fowl Dog Deluxe Cargo Liner

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The Fowl Dog  liner is impeccable tailored, doesn’t bulge, and stays in place! The quilted, lined material protects your cars interior and provides comfort for you dog. Installation is quick, easy and the liner folds nicely when not in use.


•     smart design

•     quality materials

•     light-weight

•     durable

•     tailgate flap

•     made in the USA

 A lot of thought went into the design, material selection, and tailoring of this product and we’re proud to say it’s made in the USA. The Fowl Dog Cargo Liner helps to keep you car clean, and provides a comfortable ride for your precious cargo. The liner is quilted and padded but don’t let the billowy softness fool you, it’s very durable. The strap feature keeps the liner from shifting out of place. A drop mat protects your cars tailgate from scratches caused by your dog jumping in and out. Installation is as easy…drop, fasten, roll and go!  The liner folds nicely when not in use. What’s more, the cargo liner can be used with either of the two Fowl Dog shields.


Width, not including the side flaps, 40” , each side flap is an additional 6" 

Length including the tailgate flap is adjustable from 40” to 54”

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