Fowl Dog Captain Chair Seat Covers - SET OF TWO

Fowl Dog Captain Chair Seat Covers - SET OF TWO


Set of 2 Fowl Dog Captain Chair (Seat) Covers

Need to keep your captain chairs or a portion of your back-bench seat clean?  Fowl Dog Seat covers can help preserve the interior of your vehicle.


The Fowl Dog Captain Chair Cover is made of durable, water-repellent, coated polyester and vinyl. What makes this product work is the 2-point strap-n-snap feature that helps keep the Captain Chair Cover in place. Installation is easy…strap, snap and go! Simply fasten front and back straps around the car headrest and then clip the 2nd set of straps around the back of the seat. 

The Captain Chair cover has pockets on either side, so you can pick which side of the vehicle you would like to use it on. Simple fold the other pocket underneath or tuck into the seat divider.


•     smart design

•     quality materials

•     reinforced stitching

•     easy to clean

•     made in the USA

A lot of thought went into the design, material selection, and tailoring of this product and we’re proud to say it's made in the USA. The reinforced stitching and durable construction is top-notch and long-lasting. Pockets on each side of the hammock are perfect for small travel items. It's vinyl backing lines the hammock to help protect car seats. Cleaning is quick and easy! Simply spot treat with mild soap.

A Few Things to Note:

This Seat Cover works best in mid-large SUVs and Trucks such as Grand Cherokee, Chevy/ Dodge/ Ford Trucks, Range Rover, Hyundai Santa Fe. This product will not be effective when used with smaller SUVs such as Kia.

Based on the weight of the dog, the Captain chair cover may shift, we suggest getting a non-slip rubber pad to help keep the item in place.

we do not recommend using this product without a pet safety restraint, including but not limited to a non-corrective harness and seat belt.

Fowl Dog does not accept responsibility for any accident, injury or death as a result of a motor vehicle accident or collision or as a direct or indirect result of using Fowl Dog travel products.

We do not encourage or support dogs traveling in the front seat of the vehicle. 

By using Fowl Dog travel products, the consumer accepts all responsibility for the safety of their pet and humans.

** No exchanges/ returns/refunds - final sale

** price includes a $20 towards shipping costs

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