Border Collie Collection

Border Collie Collection


Set of Two - Working Border Collie &  Conformation Border Collie Decal 

Two BC Decals on one sheet, these decals will look adorable on a large Iphone or tablet. You can also deck out your vehicle by placing one of each Border Collie on opposite sides of your vehicle window!

The Fowl Dog Border Collie decals (window stickers) are made of durable vinyl laminate that is expected to last for 3+ years. 

Show off your Border Collie & herding dog breed pride on your car or any smooth surface. Works great on windows, tablets, laptops, mailboxes or any other clean, dry, flat surface!

Each Border Collie on the sheet Measures between 2-3.5"H X 4.5-5"L

place them together or apart, these two stickers peel off the sheet and can be used individually. 

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