Pet Travel Tips for an Amazing Adventure

At Fowl Dog, we are all about dog lovers who bring their best friends along on their adventures. If you're traveling by air with your dog (or other pet) be sure to check in with your airline to find out exactly what the airline requires to ensure a safe and uneventful trip for you and your companion.  Taking a road trip? Make sure you are prepared with everything your dog might need in case of an emergency. Here are some tips to take the stress out of traveling with your best friend.

Airline Travel

  • Make sure you call the airline to make arrangements. We are all so accustomed to doing everything online to save time, but in this instance, talking to a live human being is the best way to make sure your dog gets on your flight without any hassle.
  • Check in with your airline 48 hours before your flight to reconfirm that you are traveling with a dog. Double check the paperwork requirements now so you have time to get anything you are missing from your veterinarian.
  • Know the rules! Airlines reserve the right to deny access to pets for a number of reasons, including improper carriers, extreme temperatures, illness, or bad behavior. Additionally, animals under 8 weeks old are not allowed to fly.  Airlines also require health/vaccination records for all pets and official paperwork for service or companion animals. Check your airline's website for their specific rules BEFORE you book your flight.
  • Don't feed your dog right before the flight, but be sure to offer him or her water.  Best practice is to feed your dog 4 hours before take-off so they enjoy a comfortable travel experience without any accidents.
  • In most cases, veterinarians advise against sedating or tranquilizing your dog for air travel.  Sedatives interfere with your dog's equilibrium and ability to balance, which can be dangerous when his carrier or kennel is moved around. Additionally, the change in altitude can cause respiratory and cardiovascular problems for some dogs.  As an alternative to sedation, exercise your dog before you go to the airport. Get him good and tired so he can sleep through the flight (like we all do).


Road Trips

  • The keys to a successful road trip with your dog are planning, planning, and planning. Make sure to plan a route that has safe areas to stop with your dog when necessary.  Stretch your legs together, have a snack and some water, and use the restroom (or patch of grass) as often as necessary.
  • Pack the essentials: water/food bowl and bottled water, food, medications, a leash, poop bags, grooming supplies, a couple towels, disinfectant wipes (just in case), a first aid kit (with supplies for you and your dog), your dog's favorite blanket, and safe toys to keep him busy.  Pro Tip: measure out and pack your dog's meals in individual baggies to make feeding time faster and easier.
  • Sometimes dogs are inspired to go on spur of the moment adventures of their own, so be sure your dog wears his collar with updated tags that include your contact information at all times. It's also a good idea to carry a current photo of your pet (we're sure there are 50 of them on your phone at any given time so you probably don't have to put one in your wallet).
  • Be prepared for anything. Make sure to use proper pet safety restraints when traveling long OR short distances with your pet. It's also a good idea to cover your car seats so you're prepared for bad weather or car sickness. The Fowl Dog Hammock works great for keeping your dog in the back seat while you're driving and keeps your entire back seat clean. If your dog prefers the co-pilot position, the Fowl Dog Captain Chair Cover is for you. Both of our seat covers also have pockets so you can have easy access to the things your dog may need on your journey. Our Deluxe Cargo Liner is great for dogs who prefer to sprawl out in the back of your SUV. The quilted, lined material provides a super comfy ride for your bestie. Pro Tip: use code 25-25 for 25% off orders of $25 or more in the US!
  • Book pet friendly accommodations. It's always best to call the hotel to make arrangements when you are traveling with your dog. Each hotel has different rules and the last thing you want is to be turned away after long hours on the road. Remember to bring your dog's bed (if he doesn't sleep in yours) so he feels at home in the hotel.

Happy trails to you and your dog. We wish you many amazing (and safe) adventures together!