Introducing Fowl Dog Focus: The German Shorthaired Pointer


Here at Fowl Dog, we are all animal lovers who believe in quality products that put your pet first. In that spirit, we are creating a brand-new feature that highlights a specific breed close to our hearts and it is called FOWL DOG FOCUS. While many dogs were in the running to be featured first, we had to go with a dog often described as the most versatile of all hunting dogs – The German Shorthaired Pointer.

The German Shorthaired Pointer (GSP) is a medium sized hunting dog that is considered the #1 upland bird hunting dog in North America. A staple on hunting preserves, GSPs are experts in pointing and retrieving in either land or water. Their webbed feet make them excellent swimmers and put them at the top of the list for all hunters of water fowl. This shouldn’t suggest that they only hunt water fowl, on the contrary, GSP’s are perfect for hunters looking for a dog that can handle any task. The same can be said for their hunting conditions, we have heard of hunters bringing their GSPs everywhere from Australia to England to North Dakota and beyond.

Originated in Germany and bred for their versatility, the GSP was brought into the US in the 1940s. Considered a Continental Breed (along with the Vizsla, Wimaraner, and German Wirehaired Pointer), this highly intelligent dog is also considered to be a healthy breed that rarely suffers from the genetic predispositions of other sporting dogs. A medium sized dog, males range from 23-25 inches (55-70 lbs) and females range from 21-23 inches (45-60 lbs).

German Shorthaired Pointers are not only wonderful hunting dogs but they also make amazing family pets. With that being said, GSPs are not apartment dogs (without a lot of work from their owners) nor are they content to be locked in a backyard all day. A highly energetic dog, GSPs are athletes that need as much exercise as possible – they need to be taken for exercise a minimum of three times a week for a few hours each time and they always love going for a swim.

This is where Fowl Dog comes in. We believe our products are perfect for this kind of lifestyle - the Fowl Dog Life. Our Water-Resistant hammocks, cargo liners and chair covers will keep your car clean and protected when taking your GSP out for a long run or swim and our Camo & Orange Duck Collar / Leash will be the perfect accessory for your dog’s next hunt. Whatever you need, Fowl Dog has you (and your seat of your car) covered!

Stay tuned for the next edition of FOWL DOG FOCUS to find out about another of our favorite breeds. Who knows? The next one may be the breed of your very own pup.

Fowl Dog Fun Facts

  1. A GSP named Gracie once served as Mayor of All Pets in Montclair, CA

  2. GSPs are thought to be a mix of six breeds – Old Spanish Pointer, English Pointer, Dalmatian, Weimaraner, German Bird Dog and the Viszla.

  3. Often described by their owners as “Noble” and “Aristocratic”

  4. Described by the AKC as “a staunchly pointing bird dog; a keen-nosed night trailer; a proven duck dog; a natural retriever on land or water, with pleasing conformation and markings, and great powers of endurance; and an intelligent family watchdog and companion.”

  5. The GSP is a 100% Certified FOWL DOG


We reached out to some of our favorite GSP owners to see what they had to say about their pets, see their comments below:

“The pros would be very loving, loyal, goofy. Con is she’s really high energy”

– Alison E. on her GSP mix, Willie Girl


“Pros: he’s got a wonderful temperament and loves to be with us. He’s also extremely smart. Really the only con we’ve experienced is his energy... not necessarily a huge con, but you definitely have to be prepared for it if you’re wanting this type of dog. He could play fetch for hours. Their intelligence makes it so that if they get bored, they will absolutely find something to get into or entertain themselves”

- Chani L. on her 1-year-old GSP, Smokey

“Best versatile hunting dog and family dog there is! They have great personalities and can easily be trained in a number of different sports! Need a lot of exercise due to their high energy so won’t make great pets for people who don’t have the time or space they need. Our guy, Ruger, is 8 months old and will be used for pheasant and grouse hunting! But he also loves to swim! “

– Samantha G. on  her GSP, Ruger


“Most challenging dog I've ever had. Smartest dog I've ever had. Most energetic and athletic dog I've ever had... And funniest dog I've ever had… Oldest dog I've ever had.. most stubborn dog I've ever had… Prettiest dog I've ever had”

– Lisa B. on her GSP


“Most lovable, loyal, smart, athletic, energetic cuddle bug.”

- Carole C. on her GSP, Punky  (Heinrich)


“He is 14 months old very smart, loving, and has a crazy bird drive. He is trained for pheasants and ducks loves to just run all day. If you get a GSP you better have the time to exercise them they are very high energy.”

- David D. on his GSP, Gunner


“ He likes to sleep all day then keep me up multiple times a night to chase bugs. He likes to bark at scary flowers in the backyard. He's very smart and a good listener when he wants to be. He's snack motivated. And he is so funny, he does the silliest things. I love him so much.”

– Cortni B. on her GSP rescue


“smartest dog I’ve ever had!”

– Wes H. on his GSP


“Loving, loyal, dedicated, smart, funny, cuddly, sweet, naughty, energetic, active, friendly, versatile, amazing, outgoing, brave....the list can go on forever”

- Kelley L. on her GSP


“Pro - they are incredibly intelligent. Cons - they are incredibly intelligent”

- Carrie C. Smith


“Most affectionate dog I’ve ever seen!! Very smart and loves to please his owner!! Our 8 month old is a solid black gsp. We love him. Con- can’t think of one”

- Amy K. on her GSP