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The Story of Fowl Dog


Meet Dragon and Toro, my Hungarian bird dogs.

Vizsla’s are one of the most rambunctious and active breeds you’ll find that need lots of exercise. They are happiest when I take them along on my adventures. My Fowl Dogs are the gentlest of souls, steadfast and true, and hardly ever leave my side. They suit my active lifestyle perfectly!

My former demanding job on Wall Street, and hectic commuting schedule made it tough to get my dogs exercised daily. Often coming home from work late and loading them up into the car to get them to the beach before sunset was a big challenge.

I tried many products on the market to make traveling with my dogs Dragon and Toro quick and easy. My rambunctious pups chewed through dog safety belts. Toro (my terror) constantly jumped into the front seat, causing havoc and safety concerns. Cumbersome barriers that were difficult to install didn't work because Toro always found a work around. Poorly constructed products that didn’t fit right and stay in place defeated the purpose.

By nature, I’m a problem-solver and I reacted to this challenge the only way I knew how, by designing dog travel products of my own. Careful thought went into every single detail of my design. Product safety, material selection and functionality were my top priorities. I’m proud to say that Fowl Dog products encompasses all of these elements.

Here at Fowl Dog, we’re committed to creating premier quality dog travel products to meet the needs of your active lifestyle. Our products are uniquely designed with top-notch quality materials that are safe and compliant. We’re just as proud to say that our products are impeccably tailored here in the USA. I truly believe Fowl Dog travel products are like no other.

Our door is always open and we welcome your comments and concerns. We’re also committed to giving back and partner with dog rescue organizations to help raise money through Fowl Dog 4 Charity.

Traveling with your dog doesn’t have to be a hard. We’re all about simplicity and convenience; which leaves you with more time to take your dog along for the ride on your next adventure.

Dragon and Toro are my heart and soul, and the inspiration for Fowl Dog. We hope you will love our products as much as we do.

Melissa Woodson - Owner, Fowl Dog

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